Moms Ripped Jeans – S1:E6


Erin Everheart is hanging out on the couch when her stepson Ricky Spanish joins her. Ricky asks Erin to pass him a blanket, but while she’s kneeling her jeans rip. It’s a huge tear that exposes her ass. Ricky teases Erin about it, which causes her to storm out of the room. Peeling the jeans off, Erin puts a pair of panties off and then throws the jeans at Ricky so he can take them to get them fixed. Instead of doing as he was told, Ricky rips the jeans even more.Later, Ricky walks in and finds his stepmom sitting on the couch, legs spread and pussy hanging out of the huge hole in her jeans. Erin claims that she’s not going to stop wearing her favorite jeans just because Ricky ripped them so badly that they couldn’t be fixed. She tells Ricky that she knows he wants to fuck her and then instructs him to take his dick out. Next thing Ricky knows, his long haired hot stepmama is on her knees delivering a sloppy deep throat blowjob while promising his dad won’t ever find out.Getting on her knees on the couch, Erin spreads herself out so Ricky can finally fulfill that fantasy and slide his dick into her. Doing her stepson in doggy just makes Erin even hornier. She puts him on the couch so she can ride him in cowgirl. The hole in her jeans is more than big enough to accommodate their fucking. Sucking her own juices off Ricky’s fuck stick, Erin re-mounts him in reverse cowgirl. Then she rolls to her side so Ricky can give it to her from that angle. Finishing Erin off on her back, Ricky pulls out to cover his stepmommy’s favorite jeans in his jizz.

Date: May 27, 2024
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