Thanksgiving Dessert – S31:E4


Tiana Blow has invited her friend Scarlett Alexis to Thanksgiving dinner. Her stepmom, Claudia Monet, lectures Tiana for inviting Scarlett over while her stepbrother Juan Loco is home from college because he gets out of control around nubile girls. Tiana’s dad, Ken Feels, tries to defuse the situation before Juan arrives in the room, but all that’s done is giving Tiana and Scarlett ideas.When Scarlett and Tiana flirt with Juan, Claudia tries to get Juan to go to his room and come back later, Instead, Juan asserts dominance by popping his cock out for Scarlett and Tiana to suck. Claudia can’t believe it, but Ken declines to interrupt the threesome since boys will be boys. Soon the girls tire of sucking cock and want a different kind of pie than the one Claudia has in the oven.Juan taps Scarlett first as she kneels on the chair, feasting on Tiana’s pussy. The girls trade out, with Tiana eating Scarlett’s snatch while taking a pussy pounding in doggy courtesy of Juan. Since Scarlett is already splayed out on the table, it’s simple for her to scoot forward and let Juan take her again. Tiana replaces Scarlett, letting Juan fuck her until he gives her a creampie that’s much more appealing than the one her stepparents are trying to enjoy.

Date: June 3, 2024
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